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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Dear Yuletide Writer,


First and most importantly, thank you for volunteering to write fic for me! Yuletide is always a fun time of year for me, because my fandoms are perpetually tiny, so this is when I get to celebrate them.

In general, I like fic with strong female relationships (platonic or romantic), bright-eyed revolutionaries, girls coming into their own, found families, domesticity, people with strong convictions, nerdy historical/literary references, and babies. My dislikes are a bit broader- I'm not a huge fan of graphic violence (especially sexual violence) animal/pet death, abusive relationships, female character bashing, or A/B/O.

Far From You - Tess Sharpe
Mina Bishop Sophie Winters

Oof, this book kicked my ass. I love plucky girl detective stories, and I love Sophie and Mina's messy, tangled, complicated love story, and I love the push-pull of their entire relationship, and I just- loved everything about the book, basically. Ficwise, I'd obviously love anything Sophie/Mina, be it an AU where Mina didn't die, ghost!Mina haunting Sophie, a different AU where they got together before Mina died, etc. I'd also be on board with Sophie's future in mystery solving, her process of grieving for and moving on from Mina romantically, her relationship with her aunt, or with Rachel. (Rachel FASCINATES me. What's her deal? How did she guess about Sophie and Mina?)

Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko (Music Video)
Coley (Girls Like Girls) Sonya (Girls Like Girls)

I so dearly wish that this music video had been around when I was in high school, but I'm also intensely grateful that it's here NOW. It packs such a compact story into a four-minute video, but there's also multiple questions left for fic to answer. How long have Coley and Sonya been friends? How long has Coley had feelings for Sonya, and vice versa? What do they do going forward? What kind of teen adventures do they have together, in this town where there is apparently no adult supervision? (How old are they, anyway?) Pining fic, post-canon fic, wacky AUs- anything!

Mad Max Series (Movies)
Cheedo the Fragile The Splendid Angharad Capable (Mad Max) The Dag (Mad Max)

Firstly: I ran out of spaces, or I would have included Toast. As is, please know that I'd be happy to recieve fic where she's one of the main characters!

Specifics: I ship both Cheedo/the Dag and Capable/Angharad, so fic for either of those pairings would make me very happy. For Cheedo/Dag, pretty much anything goes; for Capable/Angharad, I especially love the captain/lieutenant relationship they seem to have, with Angharad as the leader and Capable as the second-in-command while also acting as a calming/peacekeeping force. ("Okay Angharad, if you're going to hang out of the Rig like that, I should probably hold on to make sure you don't fall out . . .") I'd love any kind of "Angharad lives" AUs, or fics about how the Wives function as a group- who's closest, who clashes, how they work together. My only DNW is Nux/Capable- I know it's canon, but if it can be avoided/not focused on, that would be nice.

Hamilton - Miranda
Any Character

I listed "any character" for this fandom, because I really would like fic about ANY CHARACTER. I love all the dynamics in this musical, so fic about any one of them would make me happy.

For specific prompts: how well did everyone get along during Act 1? Specifically, how much did the Schuylers socialize with Hamilton and his revolutionary friends, and what did they talk about? We know what Angelica thinks of Burr, obviously (not much) but what about Mulligan, Lafayette, Laurens? Do she and her sisters run into culture shock interacting with working-class Hercules Mulligan or Lafayette who comes from a completely different country? I noticed in the background of "Helpless" that you can see Peggy dancing with Laurens- is she sort of like everyone's baby sister, and the guys take turns squiring her around the ball? Hamilton says Peggy "confides in him-" what does that look like?

Shipwise, I'd be happy to read Hamilton/Eliza, Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Laurens/Eliza, or even Hamilton/Eliza/Laurens/Angelica (though I leave the logistics of that particular combination up to you.) I would prefer not to read angst/infidelity, as much as you can avoid it- obviously the musical gets into that territory for us, but things are still fairly shiny and optimistic during act one! Also, feel free to make up a crack pairing with any of the characters I've mentioned (Peggy/Mulligan? Angelica/Lafayette? Laurens/Eliza? Go crazy!)

Or, if none of the above interests you: how about Hamilton family fic? In the musical, we only see Philip/hear a mention of Angelica Hamilton, but they had a total of eight biokids and one adoptee (Fanny Antil). We don't see much of Dadmilton in the musical, but all extant writings by their children speak highly of both Alexander and Eliza's parenting.  How about scenes from the Hamilton household? Visits from Aunt Angelica? One-on-one time between Eliza and her kids?

(OH AND: there's a post going around tumblr joking about an AU where Philip Hamilton and Theodosia Burr get married and Hamilton and Burr are forced to be awkward in-laws. I would TOTALLY read that fic.)

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