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Dear Femslashex Writer


I'm not terribly picky- I don't like darkfic, noncon, or kink, and I do like relationships where both parties care deeply about each other. I also tend to enjoy stories about idealism, hurt people becoming whole again, and king/lionheart tropes. 

Octavia of the Julii/Vorena the Elder

Vorena/Octavia is, I realize, a massive crack pairing, but at the same time it makes so much sense to me- they're both survivors, they've both dealt with a lot of in-family pain and trauma, and in Octavia's case at least, we know she's into women. I'd just really like to read fic about what would happen if they met and fell for each other- how would that work? How would they view each other/their class differences? And how hilarious would Atia be as Vorena's mother-in-law?

Addicted to You - Avicii Music Video
Woman I/Woman II

Basically the only thing I love more than Bonnie&Clyde stories is Bonnie&Clyde stories . . . WITH LESBIANS. So basically, you can do whatever you want with this- how did they get together? How did they get started committing robberies? What did they do with the money? Did they have a pre-existing plan for what would happen if one of them was killed, or was it a spur-of-the-moment decision? Are they a legend in this music video's 'verse like the real Bonnie and Clyde are in ours'?

Spartacus Series (TV)

One of the reasons Spartacus interests me so much on a narrative level is that thet main heroes are, in a very real way, trying to build a new society with new rules- and that opens up all kinds of character possibilities, like what do we keep from the old world and what do we throw away and how do we conceptualize justice after rejecting the "justice" we've become accustomed to, and if we reject our old roles, how to we create new ones? And this is something that I think preoccupied the new characters from War of the Damned a lot, especially Kore and Laeta. Laeta because she was one of the "good Romans-" or as good as it got, which was still not great- and was, very suddenly, forced to re-evaluate who she was and the world she lived in. And Kore, even though she was a slave, was in a similar position. She believed that the system worked, and was suddenly- brutally- forced to realize that it didn't. So when you put these two women together, in a newly lawless world, both of them struggling to understand who they are, what happens? How do they see each other, and how do they see themselves?

For prompts- um, pretty much everything! My preference is canon-era, but if you can transpose any of these themes to a different setting, feel free. Or if you do go for canon-era, do they meet in the rebel camp? Do you kick it AU style and have Kore escape with the other survivors? This is my first time dipping a toe into Spartacus femslash, so I don't have any tropes or fanon I prefer. Just have fun!

The Musketeers (2014)
Fleur Baudin/Constance Bonacieux, Anne of Austria/Constance Bonacieux

Fleur/Constance: Fleur reads as GAY AS HELL to me, with a raging crush on Ninon, but I don't ship her/Ninon because of the huge class discrepancy. Fleur/Constance, however, I can totally get behind- possibly not during the timeline of "A Rebellious Woman" just because there's so much else going on, but afterwards when they've had time to settle and evaluate their lives and positions. So- what does happen, when they've reached that point? When and how do they fall in love? Is it a temporary fling, or something bigger? And how does it relate to both women's feelings about their role in society?

Constance/Anne: I love, love, LOVE queen/knight pairings when the knight is a lady. LOVE them. So if Constance is Anne's lady-in-waiting- which it's looking like she will be, based on the released screencaps so far- how does that relationship work? Does Constance function as Anne's eyes and ears in places she can't go? Is she the person Anne opens up to when she has no other confidants? And what does Anne think of Constance? Does she envy her freedom or recognize that they're both caged? How does that influence the way they interact with each other? Are they best friends, or does the class divide mean they hold each other at arms' length?
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