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Dear Shipswap Writer letter

(Some of this is c/p'd from me Yuletide letter because I am nothing if not consistent with my requests.)

1. The Hexslinger Series - Gemma Files (Yiska/Songbird, Chess/Rook)

Fun fact: if I had had the slots, I would have nominated basically EVERY character from this series, but alas, there were only four, so I had to be selective. My first two picks were Yiska and Songbird, who I love with a love that is more than love. GOD DAMN THEY'RE CUTE. There's a massive Mayan apocalypse going on and meanwhile there's this tiny little queer lady romcom happening in the background. (Yancey quietly scribbles "omg otp" on the nearest handy rock.) So yeah, anything with these two- quiet scenes between them while Tree of Bones was going on, post-canon fics about their lives together in Hex City- anything like that.
My second choice was Chess and Rook because come on, how could I NOT? Pre-canon fic about their maurading through the West; post-canon fic about them meeting up (because the devil always lies); basically their weird twisted manipulative world-destroying romance and how it tore them both into pieces and rebuilt them all at once.
2. Stigmata (Frankie/Andrew)

Oh, terrible '90s horror movies. What would my fannish life be without you? (A lot more respectable, probably.) But yeah, basically anything post-canon about Frankie and Andrew's lives together. Where do they go? What do they do? How much bed-breaking sex do they have? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. Also, here's my tumblr tag for the movie, so you can get a sense of my- er- priorities. (You can also read my fic for it if you want, but I want to stress that it is IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM MANDATORY.)

3. Jesus Christ Superstar - All Media Types

So, um, I have a bit of a THING for revolutionary/disciple pairings, especially when the disciple is a doubter, which means that JCS!Jesus/Judas is kind of catnip for me. (My favourite adaptation of the show is this one, which a) ramps up the Jesus/Judas to almost-text, and b) situates the whole story in a sort of vaguely queer rights movement, which I'm REALLY INTO.) So- what's going through each of their minds during the musical? Did they meet up in heaven? How did Judas get into Jesus's movement anyway? What would happen if they were reincarnated? GO WILD.

4. Ripper Street (Fred Best/Harry Collins, Homer Jackson/Susan Hart)

Ohhh, I had . . . problems with this season. But! It gave me Fred/Harry! Fic for them is kind of either pre- or post-canon by necessity (though if you manage to make it during-canon, then I salute you for your inventiveness) so- how did they get together? And what happens after the events of "Threads of Silk And Gold?" Do they meet up again? Does Fred end up writing a scathing expose? Do they run away to France? Do they get some kind of happy ending after all? (Also for the record I am kind of a student of queer history, especially Victorian, so if you want to get your history geek on, I TOTALLY approve.)

Susan/Jackson: *sob* So obviously I ship these two and am not . . . terribly . . . happy with where the show went with them. So if . . . maybe you could write pre-canon for them? Or maybe post-canon where they got back together? Or what went on between seasons one and two where they were presumably enjoying a warped sort of domestic bliss that involved a lot of headboard-smashing sex and Jackson being a househusband? Just something about their marriage would make me really happy. 
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