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House at Fic Corner dear scribbler letter!

Hi there, scribbler! So I keep a handy list of Tropes I Like and Tropes I Don't for exchanges like this- you can read it here. Don't feel pressured to include everything- they're just suggestions! In general, I like fluff, cuddling, happy people in love, awesome ladies, and just people enjoying each other in general. I don't like angst (especially for queer characters- I get why it exists, but it exhausts me), death fic, or darkfic in general. I'm pretty chill when it comes to fic.

Fandom: Angeline - Karleen Bradford

MY ENTIRE HEART. I read a lot of Bradford books as a wee one, and this is probably the one that stuck the most. Fic- I'll happily read ANYTHING about what happens to Angeline, Stephen, and Zahra after the book ends. Did Angeline and Zahra keep in touch somehow? What was Angeline and Stephen's married life like? Did Angeline make a name for herself as a calligrapher? So many questions!

Fandom: Darkest Powers - Kelley Armstrong

OH KIDS. Unlike the rest of my list, this is not a childhood fandom for me (though Women of the Otherworld was, which . . . explains a lot) but I don't love it any the less as a result. Okay, pairings: Chloe/Derek being the adorable nercowere babies that they are, OR Tori/Liz being secret girlfriends- I can't be the only one who thought that, can I? (Ooh, what if Liz was hanging around watching over Tori after she died? Since she was a poltergeist, could she possibly have established a system of communication by moving things? Could they have poltergeist sex? Possibilities!) So yeah, shippy fic about either pairing will make me a happy camper.

Fandom: Orphan At My Door - Jean Little

If you signed up for this one, I assume you're familiar with the whole Dear Canada franchise, in all its educational, politely patriotic glory.  I have read all of the series (no seriously, all of it) and this was always one of my favourites, so when signups went up, there wasn't really any question as to which one I'd request.

So. You know how the books all ended with an epilogue telling you everything that happened to the characters? Yeah, feel free to throw that out. You can incorporate it if you want, but for me, that section is more like a vague guideline as to what could have happened next. (Besides, who cares about the characters marrying some random dude we've never met?) What I'd like to read is Victoria/Marianna. I friendshipped it when I was a kid, but when I went back and revisited the book as an adult? HOLY VICTORIAN BABY LESBIANS, BATMAN. I really love historical slash/femslash, so whatever rating or story you want to go with- them slowly falling for each other, their adventures as "old maids," the two of them deciding to adopt a kid- whatever you like! (Also given the ratings I checked, it will probably not surprise you that I am always up for smut.) The only thing I really don't want to read is angst.

Fandom: Stones - William Bell

I only listed Stones in the request, but you can include the events of Fanatics as well! Okay, so like most of this list, I'd like to read about these two and what happens with them after the books- raising their not-psychic baby, making a home together, just generally being adorable and amazing and in love. I'm pretty easy to please with these books.
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