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American GLTB Characters In 2011

Okay, so GLAAD just put out a list of queer characters currently on American television (not Canadian or British, hence why you might not see some characters) and formatted them as a list of who was a lead, supporting, recurring, etc, and split it up between cable and broadcast TV. I found it slightly confusing to scroll through and try to figure out why was bisexual, gay, lesbian, etc, and how to tell how many gay characters were leads as opposed to lesbian, how it varied by race, etc. So I made the ill-advised decision to sort the list by race and orientation and number them all. God help me.

Main Characters

  1. Max Blum
  2. Mitchell Pritchett
  3. Cameron Tucker
  4. Tom
  5. Peter Lovett
  6. Ian Gallagher
  7. Officer John Cooper
Supporting Characters
  1. Jeremy
  2. Richard
  3. Blake Reilly
  4. Blaine Anderson
  5. Kurt Hummel
  6. Ray Gilette
  7. Riley Stavros
  8. Fabian
  9. Thor Lundgren
  10. Steve Jinks
Recurring Characters
  1. Teddy Montgomery
  2. Terry Bates
  3. Greg Corbin
  4. Bob Hunter
  5. Lee McDermott
  6. Booth Becker
  7. Owen Cavanaugh
  8. Tyler
  9. Sean
  10. Waylan Smithers
  11. Character #1
  12. Character #2
  13. Lee
  14. Loras Tyrell
  15. Renly Baratheon
  16. Griffin
  17. Mickey Milkovich

Supporting Characters
  1. Lafayette Reynolds

Supporting Character
  1. Zane Park
  2. Lloyd Lee
Recurring Characters
  1. Kash
  2. Danny

Supporting Characters
  1. Oscar Martinez
  2. Jesus Velasquez
Recurring Characters
  1. Dr. Morales

Main Characters
  1. Arizona Robbins
  2. Alice
Supporting Characters
  1. Fiona Coyne
  2. Kelly
  3. Pam de Beaufort
Recurring Characters
  1. Brenda
  2. Patty Bouvier
  3. Joyce Ramsay
  4. Nora Underwood
  5. Naomi
  6. Nan Flanagan

Supporting Characters
  1. Diana Barrigan

Recurring Characters
  1. Maya St. Germain
  2. Bob
  3. Jess

Supporting Characters
  1. Santana Lopez

  1. Emily Fields

Main Characters
  1. Jack Harkness
Supporting Characters
  1. Brittany S. Pierce
  2. Pam
  3. Angela Darmody
  4. Damon Drecker
  5. Eleanor O’Hara
  6. Lucretia
Recurring Characters
  1. Monica Gallagher
  2. Mr. Garrison
  3. Zoya

Supporting Characters
  1. Tara Thornton
Recurring Characters
  1. Dr. Cameron  

Bisexual Latino/a
Lead Characters
  1. Callie Torres

Bisexual API
Supporting Characters
  1. Angela Montenegro
  2. Kalinda Sharma

  1. Roger

  1. Adam
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