May 12th, 2014

mus | like a bird in a cage

Ain't nobody who can sing like me

I've been working on Sherwood Forest again- well actually what I've been doing is taking the scripts I wrote and rewriting them as short stories, which I plan on publishing on Smashwords on a monthly basis, as a sort of series. (Also I have renamed it "Sherwood Stories" because that's more memorable.) Things I have learned about in the process of turning scripts into short stories:

  • the need to choose a POV character for each scene (and shuffle everyone's positions accordingly)

  • the need to adjust scene placement for pacing reasons

  • the fact that some characters get dropped altogether (sorry Much)

  • the sudden and terrifying need for interiority when previously I could just put in stage directors and trust the actors to convey the emotions.

I've been pondering how I want to go about writing and editing this because I've never really . . . had to edit before? Generally my fanfic goes up in first-draft format but I'm actually planning to make people, y'know, pay for this. And I've never learned how to self-edit! SO: taking a leaf from my flist's book, have a poll!

Poll #1967898 DAS FILTER

I want to be in on the filter under which you post excerpts of the stories!


If I'm in on this filter, I will post comments/critiques/squee!