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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Dear Yuletide Writer,


First and most importantly, thank you for volunteering to write fic for me! Yuletide is always a fun time of year for me, because my fandoms are perpetually tiny, so this is when I get to celebrate them.

In general, I like fic with strong female relationships (platonic or romantic), bright-eyed revolutionaries, girls coming into their own, found families, domesticity, people with strong convictions, nerdy historical/literary references, and babies. My dislikes are a bit broader- I'm not a huge fan of graphic violence (especially sexual violence) animal/pet death, abusive relationships, female character bashing, or A/B/O.

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Black Beauty

The Kindness of Men (Ginger, G) I haven't read Black Beauty in years, and would never have thought to go looking for fic for it, but I'm glad I clicked on this one. It's an alternate ending for Ginger, and warms my rescue-pet-owning heart.

Brothers Sinister Series

The Christmas Box (Genevieve/Amanda, E) MY PRESENT. In which Genevieve and Amanda explore the (sexy) joys of modernity.


someday we won't remember this (Lafontaine/Perry, T) Lafontaine and JP get their fake date on to make Perry jealous. It's exactly as romcom as it sounds.

Silas University Student Handbook, Bestiary, and Survival Guide (Abridged) (Laura/Carmilla, G) Unsurprisingly, there are a few unusual caveats in the Silas student handbook. Cute and funny.

Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre & Literature RPF

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings (Shakespeare and Marlowe, G) Because it's not Yuletide without Shakespeare and Marlowe: the two playwrights experiment with genre. I feel like somewhere in the afterlife, Derek Jarman is tenting his fingers delightedly at this fic.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Bullets Are A Nuisance (Perry/Harry, T) The dialogue- which makes up most of the fic- is pitch-perfectly suited to canon, and I love the hypochondriac Harry/long-suffering Perry dynamic here.

(re)scheduling conflict resolution (Perry/Harry, Harry/Harmony, T) Once again, the dialogue is perfect, and the dynamic of Perry and Harmony trading off Harry while Harry splutters is deeply hilarious. 

Scarborough Fair

gather it all in a bunch of heather (OFC/OFC) Talking about the details of this one would spoil it, but it's beautiful and bittersweet.

True Detective

Little Cactus (Rust Cohle, Audrey Hart, T) OW OW OW. The Rust/Audrey dynamic is severely underexplored in canon, and this fic fills in the gap beautifully while staying true to both characters and following up on the themes of the show.
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Ain't nobody who can sing like me

I've been working on Sherwood Forest again- well actually what I've been doing is taking the scripts I wrote and rewriting them as short stories, which I plan on publishing on Smashwords on a monthly basis, as a sort of series. (Also I have renamed it "Sherwood Stories" because that's more memorable.) Things I have learned about in the process of turning scripts into short stories:

  • the need to choose a POV character for each scene (and shuffle everyone's positions accordingly)

  • the need to adjust scene placement for pacing reasons

  • the fact that some characters get dropped altogether (sorry Much)

  • the sudden and terrifying need for interiority when previously I could just put in stage directors and trust the actors to convey the emotions.

I've been pondering how I want to go about writing and editing this because I've never really . . . had to edit before? Generally my fanfic goes up in first-draft format but I'm actually planning to make people, y'know, pay for this. And I've never learned how to self-edit! SO: taking a leaf from my flist's book, have a poll!

Poll #1967898 DAS FILTER

I want to be in on the filter under which you post excerpts of the stories!


If I'm in on this filter, I will post comments/critiques/squee!

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Dear Night On Fic Mountain writer!

Hello exchangee! First let me say that if we share any of the fandoms on my list, CHANCES ARE we have a few things in common; at the very least, we share a common love of these characters! A few other things I love, narratively, include FREEDOM, loving equal relationships, dudes who think their girlfriends hang the moon, femslash, baby idealists, idealism in general, and adventure! Obviously the ways in which these apply will vary depending on what fandom you're writing for, but they give a good basic overview of what my narrative priorities are.

In terms of stuff I don't like- "darkfic" basically covers it. I'd like to avoid things like rape/abuse/death if at all possible (obviously in canons like Hexslingers or The Killing these things have already happened, but I'd rather not read about them happening AGAIN) and kinkwise I'm pretty much vanilla. That said, I AM completely open to you writing a fic that would qualify for Night On Fuck Mountain, if the mood strikes you!

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